Moottorisahan laukku

Chainsaw case 13”
L765 x W345 x H415 mm

Now available!

All accessories in one place. Keeps the boot/trunk clean and tidy

Spacious and easy to use. Need a storage box for your quad bike? Look no further.

Moottorisahan laukku auki sivu
Kitara kansi auki Guitar case
L1040 x W425 x H105 mm

This case has been customised for an electric guitar. Accessory boxes for leads, effects, etc. can be sunk into the padding.

The guitar is safely protected even when transported by plane.

Kitara kotelo kantovalmis

The cases can be fitted with various standard accessories, as required. We can also provide the necessary fittings for mounting equipment in place without the need for further drilling.

Flight case
L555 x W365 x H175 mm

Can be transported as hand luggage.

Quick release lock TSA002 (allows airport security personal access).

This is a durable case which can be used for the transport of sensitive equipment, such as computers or monitor displays.


Trolley case
W270 x D355 x H610 mm

A very strong trolley case useful for many purposes. You can even stand on it!

Large, easy rolling wheels and sturdy handles.

The lid can be hinged or made completely detachable.

As with all models, the size and fittings can be customised as required.


L1000 x W500 x H500 mm

Durable and configurable chest case for the transportation or storage of larger pieces of equipment.

We can supply even bigger sizes – just ask!

Equipment can be secured in place easily with our internal mounting groove system. No need for drilling! The internal partitions can also be positioned as required.

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