LevyxBox transit cases

are durable, elegant, configurable and recyclable solutions to the transport of measurement equipment and other sensitive instruments. They provide excellent protection and are suitable for use as flight cases.

LevyxBox is constructed from aluminium profile which can be cut to any length. The width or height is freely adjustable, while the other dimensions can be any multiples of 75 mm. LevyxBox can be tailored to the requirements of the customer by specifying, for example, the type of lock, handle, wheels and internal cushioning. The internal groove mounting system allows the customer's equipment to be secured in place without the need for further drilling.

LevyxBox is a unique solution to all your transport and storage requirements. You can choose from our standard models or ask us to design a model that fits your specific needs.

LevyxBox is made in Finland.

If you require custom made sizes and fittings, please contact our sales department.

Standard aluminium cases

width* depth height
LS100 375 265 100
LS175 375 340 175
LS250 375 340 250
LS175 550 340 175
MS100 500 415 100
 *freely adjustable
width depth height*
VL175 265 175 400
VL250 265 250 400
VL325 265 325 400
 *freely adjustable
width* depth height
A800 800 400 340
A600 600 400 340
A400 400 325 340
A300 300 250 265
 *freely adjustable